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My name’s Derek Slawson. I can help you with all sorts of audio needs, ranging from sound design, audio mixing and post-processing for video and film projects, and cleanup of noisy recordings.  If I can help you with any of these tasks, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the form below! (And yes, I’m that same person that does improvisation around town!)

Sound Design Work

Some samples of the worlds I've created via audio

These are samples of some sound design I’ve done for past projects.  The first one (“Spaceship under attack”) was for a set of storyboards for which I crafted a soundscape.  Many of the other samples come from the Southern Storytellers podcast, which is where a panel of actors do a live script read-through of an unproduced film script.  I then receive the raw audio, clean it up as best as possible, and then add audio cues and effects that make it sound like it was actually recorded on location like a proper film.  The end result is released as a podcast that sounds like a radio play!

Audio Restoration

Some samples of my audio cleanup work

These are samples of audio post-processing I’ve done, in order to get a cleaner sound.  The first pair of sounds come from an old, beat up 45 RPM record designed for training your canaries (yes, I can vouch that this actually exists!).

The second pair of sounds come from a 48-Hour Film Festival project I was involved with, where the filming was done on location in an office building.  Because of the time constraints involved, there wasn’t little time to prep the location for clear recording, so there was lots of background noise from machinery and the building’s HVAC system.

The last pair of sounds came from an interview that needed some clean-up to get rid of some background hum and as much of the reverb as possible.

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